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Nonwoven fabric is used in the furniture industry as an interior element. Its purpose is to protect the parts of the furniture from damage - this includes the frame, sponge, springs. But, on the other hand, the padding material protects the outer upholstery fabric from the parts on the inside. Otherwise, it could wear out and deteriorate faster. Thanks to the nonwoven fabric, upholstery becomes easier, which is of considerable importance for manufacturers of upholstery products. Nonwoven flat fabrics also affect the comfort of a sofa or armchair - they pad the interior, making the furniture more pleasant to the touch. Thanks to them, the structure of the furniture remains in a constant form, and the outer fabric remains in place. This type of material is also used as an immobilizing layer for seats - along with Velcro.

Wigofil - the most popular non-woven flat fabric

Wigofil is a well-known non-woven flat fabric in the upholstery industry, made from polypropylene. It has many characteristics that make it a perfect product for use in furniture production. Its lightness allows it to be easily transported and handled during upholstery. It has high resistance to tearing and stretching, and is not easily abraded. Despite its durability, it allows air to pass through, while protecting the furniture from absorbing moisture. Its use gives slip, which comes in handy when placing upholstery on foam.

FIBERTEX® upholstery nonwovens.

Among our nonwoven fabrics for furniture, you will also find Fibertex - a more durable counterpart to vigofil. It is a very strong polyester/polypropylene or polypropylene fabric, produced using needlepunch technology. Like vigofil, this nonwoven furniture fabric does not stretch or tear quickly. It is characterized by good air permeability, so its use is equally versatile.

Wide range of fabrics

Both Vigofil and Fibertex do not contain formaldehydes, which are a danger to humans - and found in many products. We offer nonwoven flat fabrics in a variety of weights and widths. Some of them are completely smooth, while others are delicately embossed. If you want even better quality, we suggest you choose a furniture nonwoven enriched with silicone balls. Such a product is characterized by an even better anti-slip effect. The risk of sliding of the material will be reduced to a minimum. Universal colors of the offered products will allow you to perfectly match the fabric to the furniture being made.

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