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There is no more universal color than black. It is the one that looks great in both classic and modern interiors. Its great advantage is that it forms a perfect duet with virtually any color. Do you want to introduce some dark colors into your arrangement? At Kameleon Pro you'll find more than one black velour upholstery fabric, which will work well during the renovation of age-old furniture, but will also be ideal when creating new furnishings from scratch yourself. Black velour upholstery fabric is extremely pleasant to the touch, so furniture finished with it will be pleasant to use.

Black velour upholstery fabric - what interiors does it suit?

Black velour upholstery fabrics have a lot of applications. With their help you can complete the arrangement in the glamour style, which is characterized by the use of black and glossy accessories. Black velour up holstery fabric can also be used in interiors decorated in a retro style. It will look interesting in a room where there is no lack of copper elements characteristic of the industrial style. You can use black velour upholstery to upholster armchairs, sofas, footstools or to make an impressive headboard, which will protect the wall from dirt and become an interior decoration.

Black velour upholstery - what are its characteristics?

In our assortment you will find black velour upholstery material, which is characterized by excellent abrasion resistance. This is confirmed by the Martindale test - we offer materials that have passed up to 60,000 cycles. So you can use them for upholstery of intensively used furniture without any worries. Black velour upholstery is durable enough to retain its aesthetic appearance for a long time. We also offer materials that are pet-friendly. This is another confirmation of their resistance to damage. Pet-friendly black velour up holstery is insensitive to pulling.

Velour black upholstery fabric - discover the other advantages of the material

Black velour upholstery fabrics are characterized by high resistance to light. In the case of dark materials, this is especially important. Use black velour upholstery without fear in an interior that receives strong sunlight. The shade will not fade. Our materials are also resistant to pilling, i.e. mossing. Thanks to this, a piece of furniture finished with black velour will retain its aesthetic appearance for many years.

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