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Wooden furniture still does not go out of fashion. There is nothing surprising in this - wood is a raw material that perfectly suits any style or color. At the same time, it can sometimes be quite problematic to process and maintain. Especially when it comes to making wooden legs. Over time, they not only scratch the floor where they stand or are moved, but can also deform. So it's worth taking care of a finish that will prevent these problems. One of those that we are able to offer customers are special caps. In our offer they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the ones that match the legs of the furniture you are making.

Furniture caps - what are they used for?

Furniture caps, is one of the types of fittings that are used for furniture with wooden legs. They perform a dual role. First of all, they protect the delicate material - wood - from damage and defects. However, this is not all. Modern caps can also be a decorative element, which makes the furniture look elegant and impressive. Especially when they are made of elements such as copper or chrome.

In which furniture are they used?

Furniture caps are used primarily in furniture that is made entirely of wood or has wooden legs. So they can be chairs, benches, tables, armchairs, chaise lounges and sofas. Thanks to the use of caps, these pieces of furniture not only look better and are resistant to damage, but also do not damage the floor on which they stand. The smooth surface does not cause scratches even when moving.

Our range of caps

Well aware of the fact that the needs of our customers are different, we offer a wide range of furniture caps. Among them you will find products in several heights and diameters, so that each customer can choose a cap that perfectly fits the furniture feet he wants to protect. All caps are made of the highest quality brass with attention to even the smallest detail. They are easy to install, durable and functional. At the same time they look great, providing an additional decoration of the interior. What distinguishes our offer is also a low, affordable price.

So we invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of caps available in our store. We will also gladly answer all your questions and advise you on the choice of appropriate solutions. Choosing our offer, you save money without giving up the highest quality. Many satisfied customers have already been convinced of this. Join this group and take care of the perfect finish of the furniture you have made.

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