Saws, balls and blades

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The quality of the blade significantly affects the precision of the resulting cut. Therefore, it is worth choosing only models with appropriate technical parameters. In our offer you will find only blades made of excellent quality materials, which ensures their long service life. All products are characterized by safety of use. Depending on your needs, it is possible to choose a model with a matching length. The offered saw blades and saws are suitable for cutting both dry and wet wood.

Robust saws for wood and metal

The saws we offer are ergonomic solutions for any upholstery and carpentry workshop. Their properly contoured shapes ensure efficient and precise cutting of wood or metal. In the case of models for wood, three cutting planes, in which the hardened teeth of the saw are arranged, are ideal. We also offer variants with handles that have built-in 45° and 90° angles. This solution allows you to accurately determine the cutting angles.

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