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To create a piece of furniture, it is not enough to upholster the upholstery foam. It requires a lot of work, including the selection of a suitable frame, then its proper preparation, the selection of upholstery foam, the preparation of upholstered elements, and finally also the selection of upholstery fabric, fabric for the top and springs, which are often forgotten by many home-grown upholsterers. And they too need to be chosen in great detail.

What springs to choose for your furniture?

It is worth having this awareness and knowing what upholstery springs are needed to prepare furniture. There are many possibilities, but in this category you will find corrugated springs, which are very durable, in addition to being comfortable and easy to use. This is a special type of springs, which are guided by a rather curved wave, and at their ends we have specialized hooks. These springs must be chosen with a lot of skill and with a specific application in mind.

With us you will find the best products in this category. We strive to present only the highest quality products to our customers. Thanks to the spring, the furniture will be comfortable and allow you to maintain the seat more easily. This is an indispensable element, and many people treat its selection with neglect, which ultimately makes the furniture lack something. Therefore, do not forget about this extremely important part of the furniture, which is the springs.

Attachments for corrugated springs

The way to mount a flexible corrugated spring is quite simple. There are two options, that is, an abutment mounted to the frame with two staples, which is usually made of plastic material, or a decent metal abutment, which is drilled into the seat frame with screws. This protects it from damage, of course, and also gives greater comfort when using the furniture.

However, it should not be forgotten that the clip mounted with staples is less invasive which can be important, for example, for a smaller piece of furniture, the frame of which is not quite able to easily and smoothly deal with screws. Therefore, the choice of the final solution in the selection of a corrugated spring clip should be dictated by the specific model and the need for such a solution, and not another.

Choose something from our wide range of products

We encourage you to take a look at our product range, which brings together not only springs, but also attachments for them. Remember that we work only with reputable companies, so the products we offer are proven and reliable. You do not need to look for something else, just choose our store and its offer, which we invite you to do now!

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