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Quilted knit is one of the most popular fabrics. It is even an ideal choice to use when decorating the interior. It is distinguished by its softness and delicacy. It is characterized by an unparalleled design, which makes it often chosen when upholstering furniture. In many tailors, quilted knitwear is also used for sewing bedspreads and other decorative items!

Quilted knitted fabric - how is it made?

Soft, pleasant to the touch and with a unique design - these are the characteristics of quilted knitwear! Rich colors, diversity in terms of grammage and technical properties make it possible for any person involved in upholstery to find the perfect product with us. Wondering how the quilted knitted fabric is made? We answer! One of the many methods is thread quilting, which is carried out using appropriate machines. It is very important for quilting that this process is done accurately, otherwise there will be defects that will affect the later use.

Quilted knitwear - originality and elegance!

Are you able to sew a bedspread, blanket or perhaps a blanket yourself? You are very lucky! For this, however, you need the right fabric. We suggest quilted knit fabric. Are you familiar with this fabric? If not, then be sure to check out the offer of our online store Kameleon Pro. We offer fabrics that come in an interesting range of colors. Importantly, with us you have the opportunity to order a sample of the selected fabric, as well as to order a specific fabric to size. We make cutting of the fabric from 0,5 mb every 10 cm. You are cordially invited to our online store Kameleon Pro.

Kameleon Pro - the place for you!

Are you professionally upholstering furniture, or maybe you create textile accessories? Very well - we have prepared an offer for you, thanks to which you will create unique projects. Get acquainted with it!

Kameleon Pro is a place created for people who appreciate high quality fabrics and follow current trends in home design. In this category you will find quilted knitted fabrics of the highest quality. They come in a wide range of colors. Depending on the selected series, each of them differs in properties. There are fabrics available that are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which makes us sure that it is safe. We also offer quilted knitted fabrics that are waterproof, as well as an ignition test has been carried out on them.

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