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In the assortment of our wholesaler Chameleon Pro there is a wide selection of upholstery materials. One of our many proposals is quilted velvet. It is characterized by an extremely elegant appearance and softness. These are the main features for which professional upholsterers love these fabrics. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose the one that fits your current expectations and needs. Before buying quilted velvet, we encourage you to order a sample. This is a very good solution, so you can be sure that this is the fabric and color you need. You are welcome!

Quilted Velvet - get to know this fabric better!

Velvetquilted fabrics is a collection that surprises not only with elegance, but also with practicality. For this reason, it is a fabric that enjoys great popularity, and there is no indication that this is about to change. Velvet quilting fabrics are reached not only by professionals, but also by enthusiasts. The great advantage of this fabric is that it looks elegant in many interiors.

In the assortment of wholesaler Kameleon Pro there is a wide selection of fabrics from the category of velvet quilted fabric. This is a choice that is especially dedicated to those who are looking for a noble and full of elegance fabric. What's more, velvet quilted is perfect not only for the home, but also for hotels or guesthouses. With us you can choose from many fashionable colors - check it out now!

Quilted velvet - the fabric for you!

The offer of the wholesaler Kameleon Pro is very varied. Here you will find both classic, smooth fabrics and collections with an interesting, fashionable pattern. Each of our proposals is a combination of high quality and great design.

One of our proposals among upholstery fabrics is velvet quilted fabric. It is distinguished by its softness and delicacy. It is a fabric that looks elegant on furniture, as well as headrests. More and more people are also opting for bedspreads made of such fabric. What distinguishes, our offer? The fact that we offer to sell fabric by the meter. We cut each fabric from 0,5 mb every 10 cm. This is a very good solution that allows you to purchase the amount you need at any given time. Each of our fabrics is distinguished by different practical properties. Flame-retardant, resistant to absorbing liquids, or animal-friendly fabrics are available. We invite you to take a look at our full offer!

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