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Work on finishing apartments and designing or renovating furniture requires the use of high-end decorative elements. We have prepared a rich selection of products that are sure to find your appreciation and crown many an upholstery project. Some of them have a function mainly decorative, that is, they add finesse to products, emphasize their elegant character, give them an individual touch. Others, on the other hand, have a practical use, i.e. they are used to reinforce stitching, join sheets of material or mask minor damages in furniture.

We offer an extensive assortment to meet the needs of those producing and restoring leisure furniture. Our customers are also private clients who want to give their interiors a unique character by taking care of every detail. All of them will find with us the search for products, and they will purchase them at low prices, using the convenient option of placing orders online - without leaving home.

Solid workmanship and high aesthetics

Although decorative elements seem not so important to the appearance of the entire piece of furniture, everyone knows that their choice cannot be random. Sometimes it is the decorative button or pin that will influence the perception of a sofa as luxurious. In the work of an upholsterer, they can have another important task - they cleverly mask possible flaws that cannot be hidden or fixed in other ways. With a variety of motifs, colors and raw materials, our finishing details are up to a variety of tasks.

Our range of decorative accessories

In our offer you will find decorative accessories with various applications. We offer, among other things, decorative buttons, which look impressive in the stitching areas and in the recesses found in quilted fabrics. These can be, for example, glass products in rainbow colors, which spectacularly reflect the sun's rays.

Another option is pins, i.e. items used for finishing sofas, sofas or armchairs. They come in many versions, which allows you to match them to the character of the furniture and its shade. Copper with velour, chrome with polyester, titanium with chenille - these are just some of the combinations that are achieved with our products.

Upholstery decorative elements online

We make available not only individual nails, but also entire tapes, thanks to which seam masking will be performed efficiently and precisely. You can choose both the raw materials of the pins and their shapes. The most popular are flowers, rhombuses, cones. Order them quickly and conveniently in our online store.

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