Zippers, zipper tapes

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A handbag, suitcase or purse are items that could not do without a zipper. This solution, despite its rather simple design, creates a strong and convenient closure. In our offer you will find both practical zippers, as well as zipper tapes in different color variants. Among other things, they can be used to create discreet fasteners in bed covers or dresses of various types. The zippers proposed in our offer can be combined with almost any zipper tape, so you can easily create a unique and decorative element of a handbag or wallet.

Zipper tapes

It is usually necessary to precisely select the length of the zipper tape, for example, for the cover. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer these products sold by the meter - this means that you can choose a specific length of tape to fit the item. Our zipper tapes are characterized by high tear strength, so you can create a tight and solid closure. All of the offered zipper tapes also ensure quiet and smooth opening and closing of the lock.

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