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We also offer outlet products in our Chameleon Pro store. These are original high-quality products offered at a lower price. Outlet fabrics are usually so-called collection endings. So in the Outlet category you will find upholstery fabrics of excellent quality, but put up for sale at attractive prices. Outlets are cheap fab rics available in different patterns and colors - each of them has a different texture and application. Kameleon Pro is a company that has been specializing in the distribution of upholstery fabrics for 20 years, during which time it has gathered experience not only in selecting quality products - including those from the outlet - but also in comprehensive customer service. So be sure to take a look at the offer in the outlet category to find, for example, curtain fab rics and choose a product that meets your requirements.

Outlet upholstery fabrics - only from Kameleon.pro

Fabrics, including upholstery fabrics on sale, are available in a variety of designs, among which stand out, for example, elements of nature, such as colorful birds and flowers, or traditional oriental patterns, perfect for all conditions and enlivening almost any interior. Eye-pleasing motifs were obtained by using eco-friendly water-based inks. Thanks to them you can protect the environment - no harmful pollutants are emitted during the production process. They also give distinctive and durable colors to the individual patterns.

Upholstery fabrics also have hydrophobic properties, which is a remarkable advantage. This means that they do not absorb moisture, so they are much more durable than standard fabrics. This also makes them easy to clean, which is especially important in homes where there are children or pets - it's not difficult to get damaged or dirty in such conditions. Upholstery fabrics from Chameleon Pro are also durable, and because of the use of a special weave during production, they are resistant to abrasion. As a result, individual seams do not shift during use, and the fabric does not weaken locally, which could lead to tearing and the need to replace or repair the upholstery. Some of the fabrics available in the promotion also have flame retardant properties, thereby increasing the level of safety in the room.

Accessories in the Outlet category - what we offer in this category

In the Outlet category, as already mentioned, you will find a huge selection of fabrics, among which you can freely choose the perfect designs for you. We offer upholstery fabrics on sale , but also cheap outlet fabrics. During the sale of leftover fab rics, you will easily find and choose for yourself the perfect fabrics for use as curtain fabrics (outlet). Upholstery fabric sale is a great opportunity to buy unique fabrics at a great price.

However, in addition to fabrics, in our outlet you will also find a complement of weaving products in the form of perfectly selected accessories, such as decorative glass buttons or metal knockers for furniture. The products you can buy in this category are available in various colors. Especially noteworthy are glass buttons, whose irregular structure reflects light and attracts the eye.

If you are looking for upholstery or curtain fabrics, check out the fabric outlet offer at fabric wholesaler Kameleon Pro. Our Kameleon Pro store is distinguished primarily by the high quality of the fabrics - including those in the Outlet category. They are successfully suitable for upholstering furniture or using as decorative materials in homes or apartments. Moreover, the fabrics we sell have interesting patterns and unique colors, and the durability of the prints is very high.

Choosing fabrics available in regular sales, you can order fabric by the meter, so you don't have to buy excess fabric that you don't need. In addition, if you have a problem with the selection of the right design - our staff is always willing to contact you and answer questions if they arise. In addition, if you like any of the items on offer, you have the opportunity to reserve an item online. You can do this via the kameleon.pro website, which is an added convenience. So, we invite you to take advantage of the offer of our store - we guarantee full satisfaction. Check also in the standard offer: upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, decorative fabrics and others.


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