Tool accessories

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We offer professional tool accessories from well-known and respected manufacturers, both Polish and foreign. In our wide assortment we have high-quality drills and holesaws, saw blades, chisels, but also bits and bits and chucks. In addition, you can find various types of blades and saws and brushes with us. All these products are available in our online store. Each tool is described in detail, so choosing the most suitable one is sure to be easy and fast. We provide our customers with immediate processing of the placed order.

Accessories for pneumatic tools

The pneumatic tool accessories we offer are characterized by high quality workmanship and attractive prices. With us you can find all the most necessary elements, thanks to which the work, both that in the home workshop and that on the industrial hall, will be much more effective. We have accessories in various sizes and types, so everyone will easily choose the right part for their needs.

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