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Are you manufacturing, repairing or restoring old furniture? For upholstery and assembly work you need fasteners, which, as the name suggests, will allow you to solidly and stably join several pieces together. With our products you will be able to carry out even unusual construction projects, without the risk that too much load will damage the furniture. Properly joined panels in a closet, shelves in bookcases or seats in sofas are stable, and therefore safe. It is much easier to use furniture that stands massively and does not threaten to collapse.

Characteristics and applications of connectors

We know that connectors for furniture are needed in every home or workshop. If you are planning to renovate, repair or create a new set for the living room, kitchen or bathroom, take care of every detail. Hinges, guides and just connectors - they are elements that are invisible from the outside, but of great importance for everyday safety and comfort.

In our assortment we focused mainly on accessories needed by the upholsterer. They have been made of high quality materials. Metal not only does not get damaged or deformed by daily use, but also does not lose its silver hue under the influence of rust or other contaminants. Thus, it is easy to keep the fasteners made of metal clean. A big advantage of the presented products is their universal character. In terms of design and functionality, they fit almost all upholstery designs. They harmoniously combine with wood and plywood, which are the most popular materials used for making frames and chests.

Fasteners in the Chameleon store

Enjoy convenient shopping at Kameleon store. In our offer you will find various versions of connectors suitable for finishing or repairing furniture. These are, first of all, sofa connectors consisting of pins, black body and plates with holes, as well as plastic strains. They are a lighter alternative to metal products, and are characterized by equally good technical performance. Also available for sale are fasteners called crocodile (rack-and-pinion type), upholstery guides and americana hooks.

Upholstery accessories online

Order products in the version and quantity needed for your project. Fill in the data needed to complete your order and pay conveniently. Wait for courier delivery, which is express. We can deliver your purchases to any place in the country - enter the address of your home or business, and we will make sure that the products reach you in impeccable form. We invite you to cooperate with the Chameleon store!

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