Worm ties

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In this category you will find metal worm clamps. This is a small item, which, despite its inconspicuous shape and size, is often an indispensable part of equipment, home workshop or service and industrial points. The products are available in various sizes. You can enlarge the set of cable ties to any number, selecting the quantity to suit your needs when placing an order.

Worm ties indispensable for many jobs

Worm clamps are used for assembly work, as well as for securing various components. They provide a stable position, so that the various parts of the equipment do not pose a danger and give full use of their potential. These are, for example, cables, hoses, or cables with different characteristics.

Durable worm ties

The worm ties available in this category are cut from high-quality materials. As a result, they have strength qualities, so they can be used on various surfaces in a variety of conditions. Metal zip ties have properties that make them resistant to rust and external factors, such as impacts and cracks.

What is the operation of metal clamps?

The operation of the product is based on a functional, simple design. It includes links with a thin and thick end, as well as fasteners. Stabilized or secured objects, such as cables, are immobilized thanks to a ratchet mechanism. The system causes the clamping force to be adjusted to the volume of the cables and ensures stability without damaging the structure of the individual components. The rest of the structure can also include a hole and a place for a screw. This further ensures the stability of the compression and secures the cables.

Where to use worm ties?

Slug ties, available in this category, can be used in various fields. They are often appreciated in workplaces such as offices, offices or schools. With their help, you can organize and systematize the space allocated for various connections. The elements are also used when stabilizing the ends of garden hoses.

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Deciding to purchase one of the proposed products in this category, you will complete your tool kit with a practical product. The wide application of hose clamps makes them useful in all situations. The products have been carefully selected by the staff of Kameleon.pro. If you have doubts and need additional information, you can consult our customer service department.

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