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In our wide assortment you can find professional black plastic zip ties. Polyamide, from which they are made, makes them extremely durable and resistant to UV rays. For this reason, they can be successfully used to fasten cable bundles located both indoors and outdoors. The ties are very flexible, which makes them easy to install. We offer our customers cable ties of various widths and lengths, which are packaged with euro-type hangers.

The products we offer are not susceptible to corrosion and are resistant to aging effects and stretching, so they can also be used in outdoor conditions. They are protected from the adverse effects of severe weathering. In addition to professional tasks, they can also be used for making individual prototypes of machines and devices in studios and laboratories, as well as by amateurs and do-it-yourselfers building their constructions in home workshops.

Functional cable ties

The innovative zip ties have a tooth-and-snap mechanism that makes them virtually impossible to tear. It is easy to slide in, but pulling out involves cutting. Black plastic zip ties are dedicated to places exposed to strong and intense sunlight. The possibility of their wide use and attractive price are the reasons why they should be found in every home, construction site or workshop. Made of high-quality materials, the clamps are extremely durable and resistant to tensile forces, as well as mechanical damage and friction. The use of specially composed plastics guarantees their timeless durability and resistance to aging, moisture, low and high temperatures and long exposure to UV radiation. Clamping bands available in our assortment are products characterized not only by excellent utility values, but also by high precision and aesthetics of workmanship. They can be used both for ad hoc, temporary repairs in the automotive or plumbing industry, as well as for permanent fixing of equipment and working elements of machines.

Robust and durable cable ties at a low price

In our offer we have robust and durable zip ties available at an attractively low price. The variety of dimensions - length and width - allows you to choose the right item for your needs. The products also come in many color variations. They are united by high durability, thanks to their manufacture from the best plastics. Constructed from nylon, among other materials, the ties are very popular solutions used for: organizing cable bundles, placing markings and clipping tubes, mounting information plates, and securing car hubcaps. These products find many applications in both industry and households. They are also used in automotive workshops and household appliance service shops.

Clamping ties for special tasks

Not susceptible to adverse atmospheric conditions, as well as to the lubricants and oils found in industrial plants, the cable ties are available in our assortment at very attractive prices. If you are looking for the best solutions for joining or fixing various types of lightweight components - take advantage of our offer of sturdy and inexpensive clamps for both domestic and professional applications.

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