Quilted fabrics

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Quilted fabrics have recently become very popular. More and more furniture upholsterers are opting for this fabric. This is determined by the fact that it is a material that looks elegant in many arrangements. Seats on sofas, headrests, or various kinds of decorative accessories - quilted fabric will work perfectly here. In addition to the fact that quilted fabrics look modern, they have a high resistance to abrasion. This feature is very important, as it translates into time of use.

Ultrasonic and thread quilted fabrics

The Chameleon Pro online store offers fabrics qu ilted using the ultrasonic method. This method gives the possibility to join two fabrics together, as well as to emboss patterns on the fabric. With this process, neither threads nor needles are used. Everything is welded together, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing and durable fabric. Our offer includes quilted fabrics, which come in a wide range of colors. Both subdued and more daring shades are available. Anyone who visits our wholesale store will choose the right fabric for themselves. We are sure of it! In addition to offering ultrasonically quilted fabrics, our offer includes fabrics that are created using the classic method with thread and needles. Decide which one fits your expectations.

Home decoration - choose quilted fabrics

An element that perfectly complements any interior is the right decorative elements. They must form a coherent whole with the rest of the room. An interesting solution to emphasize elegance is the use of quilted fabrics. They introduce a raw, yet cozy atmosphere. Everything also depends on what color you decide on and where you apply the quilted fabric.

Quilted fabrics offered by our online store are distinguished by their high quality workmanship and modern design. They perfectly fit into minimalist as well as classic interiors. Here you will find fabrics with quilting in the shape of squares, rhombuses, hexagons, waves and many others. Our fabrics are distinguished by very good properties, thanks to which you will enjoy them for a long time. Quilted fabric in the online store - bet on our offer!

Shopping without leaving home - yes it is possible!

Are you looking for high-quality fabrics for your studio? Do you have little time to visit stationary stores? Take advantage of upholstery wholesaler Kameleon Pro, which offers fabrics distinguished by aesthetics and high quality workmanship. You certainly won't regret it. The offer includes various types of materials. You will find, among others, quilted fabrics, which are a real hit recently. It's a fabric that gives you very great arrangement possibilities. Moreover, this material shows very high resistance to various types of damage. In the case of furniture, this feature is very important. It is this factor that determines how long the upholstery will look aesthetically pleasing.

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