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They are needed for fastening and joining materials of different structures. Nails are used in dozens of applications in the repair, construction, upholstery, renovation industry. They are basic equipment not only in professional workshops, but are also useful at home. Do you have your own workshop? Or do you only have a toolbox at your disposal? Retrofit it so that it is always ready for work - planned and unannounced.

Construction nails for workshop work

What should you expect from construction nails? First of all, high strength and durability. Thus, you can believe that the structure just made - whether it is a seat on a couch or nailed planks forming the structure of a building will last for many years. For this to happen, you need to match the type of product to the scope and nature of the work being carried out. Keeping in mind the diverse needs of our customers, we have taken care of the variety of the assortment. So in the online store Kameleon you will find paper nails, for wood, cardboard, concrete and plastic.

Especially for outdoor use, but not only, we recommend nails made of galvanized steel. This is a material that shows high resistance to corrosion - under the influence of moisture, it remains aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time has an intact structure. Such a product can be trusted by builders and roofers constructing roof rafters and other frameworks. Do you have a hard material to work with? Reach for nails with sharp tips. The driving moment will be precise, and the fastener will be directed at the perfect angle ensuring a strong joint between two or more pieces.

Upholstery nails for the workshop

Solid nails are indispensable items in any upholstery workshop. In our store you can find a lot of different types of nails. These include paper nails and long nails. These products can be purchased both in drum/wire form, as well as tape. Along with upholstery nails, we also recommend pins, safety pins and tape, with the help of which you can finish, for example, a modern armchair or reconstruct an antique pouffe.

Shopping at Kameleon online store

Do you want to buy upholstery nails, papery, rafters or universal products? Check out our offer! The assortment of the Kameleon store is a large selection of mounting and decorative accessories that will meet all your needs in terms of appearance, durability and ease of use.

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