Upholstery sheepskin

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Nonwoven fluffy fabrics are produced on the basis of high-quality polyester fibers by welding method, so-called thermobonding. This method guarantees durability, strength, elasticity, uniformity of connections, and the nonwovens obtained in this way are fluffy and show high bounce. Highly fluffy nonwoven fabrics of the oatmeal type offered in our store can be used in the furniture industry for the production of various types of soft upholstered furniture, mattresses, quilts, pillows and filters. They will also prove useful in the clothing industry as insulators, as well as in the horticultural industry, construction, automotive industry and many others.

Upholstery fluffy nonwovens

The wide application of upholstery fluffy nonwovens guarantees that they will prove useful for many upholstery jobs in the workshop. They can be used for soft upholstered furniture (softening layer), garden furniture (filling layer), mattress boards (mattresses), insulation and filtration boards, as well as insulated clothing and quilted inserts. You will find professional products to suit your needs.


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