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Technical materials are widely used. They are used during activities including industrial work, crafts, agriculture, services and also household. Their peculiarity is based on their durable structure, which is easy to maintain and resistant to external factors: moisture, high temperatures and mechanical damage. They consist of polyester fibers, as well as a composite of high-quality materials. They provide stability in use, as well as ease of maintenance.

Technical fabrics include, for example, wigofil, interlining, oatmeal and nonwoven. The above-mentioned fabrics are created as a result of a special production process that uses modern technology.

Where can technical materials be used?

Selected textiles are used in the production of bags, backpacks or practical covers. The peculiarities of the materials make it possible to efficiently clean the items from dirt. Technical fabrics are impervious to moisture, so they can be part of furniture that is part of home furnishings in people with allergies.

Selected fabrics are used when making various garments and accessories. Oat is often used when sewing insulated jackets, thanks to its thermal insulating properties. Vigofil is used as a material for making compartments in handbags, purses or briefcases. The material is smooth, so it does not scratch important items, for example, documents.

Tailor-made technical fabrics

Technical fabrics are also widely used in furniture making. The material has properties that make it easier to keep individual pieces of furniture in good shape and clean. Wigofil is used as the back upholstery of lounge sets, as well as the facing on poufs or bar seats. The main advantages of the fabric are its resistance to abrasion, tearing, as well as ease of cleaning.

In the selected category you will find technical textiles available for purchase in different size variants, as well as colors. In the case of nonwoven fabric, there is a version equipped with non-slip silicone beads.

Take advantage of the offer of a proven manufacturer offers a wide selection of technical fabrics. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions, as well as suggest solutions that will meet individual requirements. Take a look at the offers in the category and make your choice. Feel free to contact our customer advisor by phone or email.


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