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Glam Velvet is a collection in the glamour style. It is characterized by elegance and subtlety. These are fabrics distributed by the Fargotex brand. They come in a wide range of colors. This makes them give great arrangement possibilities. Glam Velvet fabrics are available in the offer of our wholesaler Kameleon Pro. Any customer visiting our store will easily choose a fabric that will 100% meet their individual expectations. We are sure of this, so we encourage you to take a look at our offer!

A few words about the Fargotex brand

The history of the Fargotex brand began in 1999 in Lomza. Each year the brand developed its offer, offering high-quality furniture fabrics. This was possible thanks to the commitment of the entire team. The brand cares about aesthetics and follows current trends. This is their key to success!

The assortment of our upholstery wholesaler Kameleon Pro is very varied. We also offer Fargotex brand fabrics from the Glam Velvet collection. These are fabrics that are distinguished not only by their elegant appearance, but also by the fact that they are very functional.

Glam Velvet fabrics and their features

Glam Velvet fabrics have recently received a lot of attention in our wholesale store Kameleon Pro. This is not surprising, as these are fabrics that, in addition to aesthetics, are distinguished by very good properties. Below we will present the most important features that make them such a popular choice.

The main properties of Glam Velvet fabrics include easy cleaning, flame retardancy and impeded absorption of liquids. Glam Velvet fabrics are pet-friendly - a very important feature for many people. What's more, these are materials that are OEKO - TEX certified, which is a guarantee of safety in contact with the skin! You are cordially invited to the Chameleon Pro store, where a wide selection of fabrics awaits you.

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