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Curtains are window decorations that have been enduringly popular for years. They can be found in homes or apartments, as well as in hotels. Curtains not only look elegant, giving the interior a cozy character, but also effectively protect from the sun's rays, the light of street lamps and the glances of neighbors and passers-by. Do you want to sew them yourself? For this purpose you can use the available in the assortment of our online store fabrics for single-color curtains. We guarantee that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Recommended fabrics for solid-color curtains

What are the best materials for uniform curtains? Fabrics of this type can differ from each other, among other things, in the degree of permeability, resistance to abrasion, or ease of care. A recommendable uniform fabric for curtain s is Magic Velvet, among others. It will appeal to all lovers of velour, plush and velvet. Also very popular is a uniform fabric for curtains, which is jacquard, a thick, strong fabric that is excellent at blocking the sun's rays. Its great advantage is that it does not need to be ironed.

One-color curtain fabrics for the discerning

What are the characteristics of the one-color metro curtain fabrics available in the assortment of our store? They are pleasant to the touch and resistant to mossing. For their production, environmentally friendly dyes are used, which respond well to repeated washing at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Our one-color curtain fabrics by meter are also resistant to abrasion.

The best solid color curtain fabric

What is the best single-color curtain fabric available in our online store? A recommendable fabric is, among others, Crush Velvet 20. Its grammage is 320 g/m2, and its abrasion resistance is 60,000 cycles. This fabric is machine washable, at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. It is flame retardant, which has been confirmed by an ignition test.

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