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In order to make upholstered furniture look elegant and impressive, it is worth taking care of the right decorative elements that will bring out the beauty of the materials and make the furniture even more interesting. Among the solutions that are very often used are glass buttons. This is a product with a very wide range of applications, which allows you to achieve interesting and unobvious effects - so desired by modern consumers. Therefore, we made sure that our offer does not lack upholstery glass buttons at very affordable and attractive prices.

Application of upholstery decorative buttons

Upholstery glass decorative buttons have a very wide range of applications. First of all, they are used for quilting upholstered furniture such as sofas, chairs, armchairs. With their help, headboards or upholstery walls are also finished. In addition, buttons are used in creating decorations on upholstered furniture. Thanks to them we can create not only quilting, but also different kinds of patterns. Few people know that some of the buttons of this type can be used even in wood. Their installation is relatively simple and does not require expensive tools. So it's no wonder that they are a popular ornament in the furniture industry.

Our range of glass decorative buttons

Knowing that the needs of our customers are different, we have made sure that our offer of glass decorative buttons is wide and varied. Our assortment includes glass buttons in many different sizes and shapes. Among them are small, delicate buttons, as well as proposals for those who care about making the decoration visible. The glass from which our buttons are made is ground in such a way that it reflects light and delights with shimmering reflections - so they look elegant during the day and at night.

Glass buttons in a variety of appearances

Buttons are available in many color variants. We offer transparent buttons, rainbow buttons and those appearing in various shades of brown. This allows each of our customers to choose products that will match the furniture they make. Regardless of whether they are modern or rather classic.

We invite you to get acquainted with our wide range of decorative glass buttons today. The abundance of available color versions and designs is a guarantee that each of our customers will find exactly what they need. And the attractive prices we offer allow you to save a lot. Many satisfied customers cooperating with have already found this out.

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