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Without thread there is no way to successfully upholster furniture, upholstery, headrests and many other items. If you are looking for something to get you started in this activity, you will certainly find something here in our store. However, it will be the same if you are a professional upholsterer. Our store tries to combine all your needs, and reputable suppliers are responsible for the quality of our products. Decide on the best.

How to identify the right upholstery thread?

A good upholstery thread is one that allows efficient sewing, does not lose color, and also provides adequate strength to the entire weave. Such haberdashery accessories are indispensable during the production of upholstered furniture, so they could not be missing from our offer either. We strive to ensure that all the products presented here are of high quality, come from proven manufacturers and make upholstering furniture simple and enjoyable, and prettier than ever.

We offer a wide range of diverse types of threads for upholsterers designed for use with many fabrics. The properties of the offered types of threads make it possible to use them even in the process of stitching thick leather. The offered threads can be used both in a professional workshop and during home knitting. This is very important, because now anyone can prepare a piece of furniture anew, upholstering it with a good thread. Our range of products is constantly expanding so that you can have more and more nice solutions.

Threads for upholsterers

We bet on the best solutions, because we know that you always need something extra. This means that we have to give you the best products that are on the market. We want our brand to be unequivocally associated with quality and certainty, as well as fast order fulfillment that doesn't hurt your wallet. As a result, we create a store that gives our customers what they really want. And that's what makes us fun. However, we don't just focus on classic threads. It's also a much broader offer and novelties on the market.

One of them is STEEL thread. These polyester threads that we offer are characterized by high resistance to breakage and staining. They are also resistant to harmful chemicals. We offer robust upholstery threads for both professional upholsterers and novice do-it-yourselfers. This is the kind of thread that is much better suited to what you want to do, and you will enjoy working on upholstering even more.

The extensive range of products ensures that everyone can easily find a matching product with the right color and thickness. Color threads come in both sizes suitable for machines and for decorative hand sewing. If necessary, we can provide expert advice on choosing the right type of thread for upholstery. Thanks to us, you will find it easier to choose the material and, as a result, you will do the whole job much better, and the end result will exceed your wildest expectations. All you need to do is choose the right tools.

Look for unique solutions

We invite you to get acquainted with the whole range of our products. We want everyone to be able to choose something for themselves, so our store offers threads for professional upholsterers and for beginners, starting their adventure with STEEL threads and upholstering itself. From the beginning, bet on the high quality of the products you surround yourself with. That's why we encourage you to browse through our entire assortment to compile such materials and tools that you will need most right now. Choose the best. Let your work or hobby give you as much fun and pleasure as possible. Check out our products!

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