THREAD STEEL 20' 1503 NS150320

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THREAD STEEL 20' 1503 NS150320

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STEEL threads - intelligently matched

  • Colour: Blue
  • Average linear mass [dtex] - 1540 
  • Average breaking force [cN] - 9000
  • Winding length: 1667 m

In the production process of upholstered furniture, properly selected threads play a key role.

STEEL polyester threads are characterized by excellent tearing strength, durability of dyeing and color repeatability. Resistant to high stresses.

Thanks to a special finish, they guarantee even slip, which translates into increased efficiency in the sewing process and the highest quality of seams. In addition to furniture upholstery, they are recommended for purse makers, for whom they will facilitate stitching thick leather. Available in 4 thicknesses and as many as 36 shades.

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