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A wide range of woven rubber bands in our offer is available at an ideal value for money. We offer various colors of products, so you can choose the most suitable variant. The proposed products can be used in the clothing industry, tailoring, leatherworking or upholstery. The rubber bands offered will also be great for sewing sheets and other bedding. It is worth knowing that tailor's elastic can also serve as a decoration. When looking for such products, it is worth paying attention to the thickness of a particular type of rubber band.

Upholstery rubbers

The proposed upholstery rubbers can be used during home DIY work or in a tailor's or upholstery shop. In addition to these products, we also offer a variety of fabrics that can be combined with rubber to form a furniture upholstery. In our store, we also provide expert assistance and advice on the selection of the most optimal product solution. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

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