Upholstery decorative pins in tape

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A very important finishing element during the renovation of furniture are decorative upholstery pins. We offer a wide selection of this product, which will meet even the highest expectations. Upholstery pins of this type are mainly used for decorating upholstered furniture. Just a few are enough to give your furniture a fresh look and make it look great.

Upholstery decorative pins - not only for professionals

Importantly, you do not need to be a professional upholsterer at all to use such decorative pins. They are attached to chairs, for example, using a rubber mallet, so their installation will certainly not cause you much of a problem. It is worth looking around for decorative upholstery pins to make your furniture amaze with its originality.

Upholstery pins in tape for streamlining your work

However, you don't need to hammer each pin individually - that would be quite tedious, time-consuming and not very practical. That's why the upholstery pins in tape we offer are an excellent solution, which will save you time and energy. After all, they will allow you to achieve an even more stunning effect - by combining several pins on one tape, you will gain a guarantee that they will be attached to the furniture in an even line. Of course, the upholstery pins in the tape can be shaped, bent or shortened at will - all to make them fit your furniture even more impressively.

Match the perfect decorative upholstery pins to your furniture

We offer a lot of types of decorative upholstery pins - so there is something for everyone. We offer various models of smooth and patterned pins, for example, with a flower motif, diamond-shaped or with baroque grooves. Our decorative upholstery pins also come in different sizes - so you can choose larger ones (for more massive furniture) or small and delicate models, which are great for small poufs, for example. Our webbing upholstery pins are made of various materials, such as copper, brass or classic metal. We offer the products in several colors - the most popular are gold, silver, bronze and graphite. Depending on your needs, you can choose glossy or matte models.

Upholstery pins ideal for changing the decor of your living room

Our upholstery pins ideal way to make small changes to the arrangement of your living room or other room. If you like to refine your interior down to the smallest detail, this is the perfect option for you. Dozens of attractive designs allow you to choose the perfect variant that will harmonize with the decor of a room. Details are extremely important when decorating a house or apartment. They are the ones that complete the decor, making it one hundred percent attractive. In our store you will find many models of upholstery pins and a wide range of colors, so you can easily match them to your lounge set or dining chairs. We offer our customers both classic round shapes, as well as square models or those taking other geometric forms. These are not the only possibilities - in our assortment you will also find upholstery nails in the shape of flowers or stars, which are an original addition to the decor. Create an interior in glamour style, using our products.

If you're after something truly unique, check out our decorative upholstery pins, bearing all sorts of decorative textures. Embossed floral patterns or those reminiscent of honeycombs are interesting decorations that will add an elegant touch to your sofa or armchair. Choose from a variety of patterns and create sets, perfectly corresponding with the rest of the arrangement. There are plenty of possibilities!

Beautiful upholstery pins to add variety to your offerings

Are you professionally engaged in upholstery? Surely you realize how important it is to make your offer competitive. This is the only way to attract a large number of new customers. A wide cross-section of fabrics and pins is, in addition to reliable workmanship, the most important aspect of any establishment offering upholstery services. That is why it is so important to stock a large selection of working tools, from among which the customer can choose the model most suited to his aesthetic tastes. Each upholstery pin, which we offer in our store, is a small work of art. Resistant to mechanical damage and rusting, it presents itself beautifully for years. Choosing our products, you can be sure that you guarantee your customers the highest quality finish. The striking appearance of the products, a wide color palette and many decorative patterns - all this will give your upholstery project a magnificent setting. Order and check it out!

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