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Upholsteryfleece, also called upholstery oat or wadding, is a highly fluffy material made of high-quality polyester. Among other things, it serves as a filling for furniture, as it perfectly adapts to various types of furniture surfaces, including uneven ones, wrapping them. However, this material can be used in many ways. It is a product of considerable flexibility and softness, but also an adequate level of resistance to harmful external factors, such as high temperatures, moisture or germs. As a result, it can be successfully used in the service and industrial sectors, for example, in upholstery or tailoring. In addition, non-woven polyester is a material suitable even for allergy sufferers and sensitive people, as it does not sensitize or irritate - this is a huge advantage of upholstery oat, which often determines its popularity.

Why is furniture nonwoven so popular?

As an upholstery material,synthetic nonwoven is widely used in the furniture industry, tailoring, and is even often used as damping for speaker columns. This is because white nonwoven fabric is characterized by a fine, soft texture, and at the same time it is durable. This is because the highest quality polyester fibers are used in its production, resulting in a durable, flexible and moisture-resistant material. Thus, the oat is extremely resistant to tearing, puncturing or abrasion, which is an extremely important factor in upholstery. It is also worth noting here that the suppleness of the base material allows for a high level of softness, so furniture in which white fleece is used is simply more comfortable. This material is also flexible and successfully adapts to the pressure of heavier objects, while not deforming, which is also extremely important and reflects on the subsequent appearance of the furniture during its daily use.

In addition, upholstery sheepskin is extremely versatile and convenient to use. This is because this material can be washed without worry at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. For this reason, tailor 's oat is also used as a filling for coats or sleeping bags. In addition, this material, if it has the appropriate certificates, can be used in the production of children's bedding.

Furniture nonwoven - application.

As already mentioned, upholstery oat is an excellent nonwoven furniture fabric, used as furniture padding. This is because it gives furniture softness and makes it comfortable and regular in shape - this fabric evens out any irregularities in the furniture that may cause discomfort during use. Thus, the oat raises the comfort of the furniture and perfectly fulfills its task as a modeling layer. The great popularity of this material is due not only to its quality, but also to its high resistance to moisture or fire.

As already mentioned, non-woven fabrics are used in the manufacture of blankets, quilts or pillows. This is due not only to the softness of such filling, but also to its anti-allergenicity. In addition, this material, despite its compact structure, is breathable and provides air circulation, helping to maintain a constant body temperature. Furniture oat is also used in the manufacture of home furnishings - not only furniture, but also accessories, such as kitchen gloves. In turn, furniture upholstered with this material is highly appreciated by users.

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