Armrest mechanism

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Upholstered furniture should not only be comfortable and aesthetic, but also practical. We understand this perfectly, so our offer also includes elements that will add more functionality to the furniture. These include robust armrest mechanisms, which we offer in various variants. Among others, there are ratchet variants of 6- and 10-steps with a return spring and an additional angle. The opening angle of the mechanisms ranges from 90 to 180 degrees.

Armrest mechanism for bed

Among other things, our products can be used in modern corners. Thanks to the possibility of mounting the armrest mechanism with screws, the whole installation is simple and does not require expert knowledge. The offered proposed elements are also characterized by solid workmanship and quiet and smooth operation. All armrest mechanisms are made of high quality steel, which guarantees their durability even against heavy loads. We also provide assistance in selecting the most suitable variant.

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