Brooms and brushes

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In our wide assortment you can find high-quality sweeping brooms. Some of them can be successfully used at home. Specially shaped bristles make it easier to get rid of dust and other small dirt from the floor. In addition, we have professional industrial brooms, which are ideal for sweeping, for example, streets. We also offer wooden broomsticks of various lengths.

Sweeping brushes

Our range includes a variety of sweeping brushes. You can choose from small, compact models that are ideal for hand scrubbing. In turn, other models can be mounted to a wooden skewer. In addition, we have standard household sweepers, but also more specialized brushes for lawnmowers or for cleaning paving stones. Their special design, appropriate size and hardness of bristles allow you to quickly and easily get rid of grass, sand, leaves, small stones and any other type of dirt.

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