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Good upholstery staples are indispensable accessories for any upholsterer, but they are also useful for minor home repairs of upholstered furniture. Our wide range of upholstery staples is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What are upholstery staples used for?

Upholstery staples are mainly used in the furniture industry. They are used to join soft materials, such as delicate and thicker fabrics, with hard furniture frame elements, such as particleboard or fiberboard or plywood. Importantly, they are used not only by professionals - if fabric is falling off your chair or sofa, all you need to do is get an upholstery stapler and the right staples for it. Since you can find many types of upholstery staples on sale, it is useful to know what you should pay attention to when planning your purchase. They differ in lengths, widths and types - you should choose the right staples for your upholstery stapler.

Which upholstery staples should you choose? Other uses for staples

Depending on what kind of work we intend to do, we will need different types of upholstery staples. If we want, as described above, to attach fabric or leather to a piece of furniture with them, it is worth choosing a model made of thin wire, which will not be very visible. When the material of the furniture to which we are mounting the upholstery is very hard, narrow upholstery staples are recommended. However, not all staples need to be used for upholstery work - some of them will be perfect for repair and finishing work. For example, we can install low-voltage cables with them - here rounded staples will be perfect. For insulation work, such as, for example, installation of roofing film, we should choose upholstery staples made of flat wire.

Length of upholstery staples and their purpose

We offer staples of different lengths, with each length having a slightly different purpose. For example, for upholstered chair seats, the smallest type of upholstery staples - with a length of 6 or 8 mm - is most often used. However, the most popular in upholstery and the most versatile are 10-millimeter staples. No matter what kind of work we are going to do with upholstery staples, it is worth stocking up on a few basic types of them to make sure that we will always have the right one on hand. Our store's wide range will certainly make this very easy.

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