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Cardboard is one of the materials without which it is difficult to imagine performing everyday tasks. Knowing this, we made sure that our store offers high-quality upholstery cardboard at competitive prices. See what we offer and why it is worth reaching for our solutions.

Use of cardboard in upholstery

Cardboard is an extremely useful material in the upholstery industry. It is used both in the preparation and transportation of furniture and materials. First of all, upholstery cardboard is used to complete the back rest in chairs and armchairs. In addition, furniture structures, bed frames or sofas are made with its participation. In addition, cardboard can also be useful as filling, dividers or packaging. In short - cardboard is one of those products that upholstery plants cannot miss.

It is worth noting at this point that cardboard used in upholstery is not the usual cardboard we associate with everyday packaging. If it is used for the manufacture of furniture it must be prepared in an appropriate manner. This is solid cardboard, which has unique properties - it bends in every direction and is resistant to tearing. Importantly, it is a completely ecological, recycled material.

Our offer of cardboard items

In the offer of the online store Kameleon, our customers can find both cardboard strips in packages of 50 pieces, and sheets in different sizes and weights. Thanks to this, everyone will buy the product needed to carry out particular tasks, without the risk of being mis-matched. What distinguishes our range of cardboard used in upholstery is the highest quality of products. We make sure that they have the right grammage and properties, which makes all the products perform their tasks perfectly and maintain perfect form for a long time.

Cheap cardboard for upholstery work

It is also worth mentioning that we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. Thus, by choosing our cardboard you save both time and money. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our cardboard assortment and to contact us.

We will be happy to answer all your questions about our products. We believe that a wide selection will allow each customer to find exactly what he needs. For our part, we guarantee professional service, fast and efficient implementation of orders, and if necessary, professional advice.

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