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Measures and tapes are accessories used for precise determination of distances. They are indispensable in upholstery, construction and many other industries. Without these inconspicuous articles it would be impossible to practically map many projects and control the quality of products. We offer you various types of measures and tapes designed to conveniently take measurements even in difficult conditions.

Measures and tapes to suit your needs

We realize that - depending on your business - you may need tapes and measures of different sizes and forms. A wooden folding tape measure is a traditional accessory with a hard and springy connection. Our product in this edition locks itself when it reaches 180 degrees, and its joints are hidden. Despite the classic design, the graduations are clear and wear-resistant. As a result, the tape measure can serve for many years - even in such an economical version.

Rolled or folding tape measure - indispensable for upholstery work

A more modern version of the tape measures we have at our disposal are rolled measures, which allow you to save space and easily carry the tool on the job site. They can be freely unrolled within the available range and quickly retracted back thanks to the automatic retraction function. Marking the desired section is possible thanks to a convenient tape lock. Thanks to it, the tape measure will not roll up in an uncontrolled way.

High quality tape and housing

The products we offer are of high quality. Anti-slip, durable housing takes care of many years of comfort of use, being resistant to mechanical damage. If you need exceptional protection against slipping when working in the rain, for example, we encourage you to purchase a rubberized tape measure. The case will be even more functional. Each retractable tape measure is covered with an additional coating that protects the graduation from abrasion and rusting. Using our gauges is also very convenient thanks to the double-sided printing of the graduation.

Wide selection of measuring accessories

Measures and tapes can be tailored to your individual needs. We have both classic wooden measures and convenient coiled tapes in variants of different lengths - from one to tens of meters. Thus, you will find the ideal product for home or business use.

Calipers for upholsterers and more

A specific form of measurement, which is also used in various industries, is the caliper. This product allows you to take precise measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm. With its help, you can take and conveniently read external and internal measurements, as well as height and depth measurements - within the available graduations.

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