Pliers, forceps, pliers

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Every upholsterer needs the right set of tools. Certainly, the necessary items here are pliers and tongs. The products of this kind proposed in our offer are one of the basic upholstery and carpentry tools. Among other things, they are useful for holding parts, clamping, pressing or dogging. They will also prove useful for leveling small sections of wire. A distinctive feature of the pliers are thin and curved tips, which do not obscure visibility when working with small objects, while allowing precise overtightening of components.

Upholstery pliers and tongs

Pliers and pliers offered by our company are characterized by perfectly shaped handles coated with rubber. This solution provides, above all, a secure grip when doing work. In addition to standard pliers, we also offer larger models for pipes, as well as specialized Morsea pliers. The proposed products are available in different size variants, which ensures that you can easily find the right model.

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