Hammers and extractors

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KENNEDY upholstery hammer has a wooden handle and a head made of steel. The uniqueness of this tool lies in its magnetized head , which has a special trough for placing the nail. Thanks to this patent, you will drive nails quickly and efficiently. At KameleonPRO we focus on PROfessionalism. Dimensions: Length - 27 cm Width - 14 cm

A hammer is a useful tool when doing a lot of work. Modern items of this type are created for high comfort of use. It is also necessary to ensure adequate safety. We understand this perfectly, so we offer only ergonomic hammers that are ideal for work in the workshop. The proposed products have rubber elements, ensuring a firm grip not only when nailing, but also when you need to pull out, for example, a damaged nail from a board.

Carpenter's hammers and extractors

Our product range includes not only classic types of hammers. We also offer a wide range of rubber models designed for tamping. This is a useful solution when you do not want to damage or leave any marks on the surface of the workpiece. The solid rubber used ensures high efficiency of work. We also offer hammers with a nail pulling function. These products have handles made of durable carbon fiber, as well as a non-slip biomaterial handle.

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