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Beautifully upholstered furniture very often would not be so impressive if it were not for something small, modest, seemingly invisible, and yet perfectly perceptible... We are talking about upholstery pins, which are a finishing element when working on the upholstery of furniture, and at the same time a great idea to hide some joints. In our assortment we offer only the best products possible.

Durable and beautiful upholstery pins

It is worth noting that our upholstery pins for quilting and many other decorative items, are prepared for various occasions. They are made of good materials, often durable metal decorated in various ways, which makes them much more durable and perform their function better. Importantly, this upholstery pin is an element needed not only for upholstered furniture, but also, for example, for wooden furniture, where they emphasize the beautiful decor and can be a typically decorative element. That's why our products have different finishes and different designs to make it easier for you to match them to your own needs.

What do you need upholstery pins for?

As the name suggests, decorative upholstery nails and decorative upholstery pins are needed for preparing furniture upholstery. However, they are not only decorative elements for a piece of furniture, but also hide the connections of the fabric to the structure of the furniture. Thus, they have a double meaning, which is extremely important when preparing upholstery restoration rather than upholstering a piece of furniture from scratch. It is worth reaching for our products, which will meet your expectations to the highest degree.

What are our pins?

In our assortment you will find pins divided by length and shape.We offer round models from 9.5mm to 19mm, as well as oval and patterned models. In summary, our wide assortment allows you to choose the right product variant, and we do our best to make it easier to match upholstery items to the needs of our customers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of different upholstery pins and choose such models that will better suit the furniture being made and in terms of functionality and aesthetics. You are welcome!

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