Protective headphones and stopwatches

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There is no doubt that maintaining occupational health and safety is an extremely important issue. Of course, it does not apply only to working conditions in the plant/enterprise, but also to tasks performed at home - one could joke - in the privacy of your home, such as cutting wood, drilling holes for a painting, forging walls or floors, mowing the lawn. In such situations, you need professional protective headphones and/or in-ear stoppers. Their primary function is to effectively protect your hearing organ from damage, or loss of this valuable sense. Don't take risks and make the best choice for you, among the items available in our store. Already know what you need? Are these built-in earphones put on the ear cups or in-ear stoppers?

Universal protective headphones and ear stoppers

Pay attention to the construction of the headphones. This is extremely important, because, as they say ''headphones are unequal to headphones''. It is not enough to put on over-ear headphones, used for listening to music - these are absolutely not designed to isolate from the source of sound, which far exceeds the acceptable standards for the body. Similarly: forget about shoving cotton wool into your ears - stoppers are for that, not balls of cotton, which can inevitably be left inside the ear. The appropriate design of professionally made accessories allows them to perfectly fit the structure of the ear, and thus insulate.

Protective headphones for work on the shop floor and in the workshop

Speaking of perfect workmanship, it's hard to deny the specialized workmanship of both headphones and earplugs. Each of the products we offer here is made of the best materials available on the market; non-toxic, leak-proof, durable. Also, the design of the product was developed with due care, which was reflected during production. It is also not insignificant to meet all the necessary standards that allow headphones or stopwatches to be used.

Take care of your health - choose professional protection

Visual qualities may not be the argument by which we decide to purchase certain earphones/ear stops, but we can not fail to mention their design. Do you prefer yellow, orange or neutral colors? Or is it all the same to you? We invite you to analyze in depth each of the products in this category. And think: maybe you need something from another department that will make your work easier? Please remember that in such situations we are at your service and will explain any issues in a professional manner.

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