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In our offer you will find parts designed to assemble individual parts of the structure in sofas and couches. If the manufacturer decides to equip them with a sleeping function, then he must take care of the smooth movement of the roller inside. It will be ensured, among other things, by an overrun that is a kind of stop for the extension system. It should be made of high-quality materials, since it will be exposed to intensive use. To ensure that it does not break down, fall off the rails or break under load, it must be carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail.

Characteristics of the overruns

Inrunners are not elements that are immediately impressed. Usually for the buyer, they are one of the structural parts of the furniture, which remains invisible and is simply supposed to work. Smooth unfolding and folding of the bed is especially important if you use your couch every day not only for sitting, but also for sleeping. Also, when you host family or friends, you need a piece of furniture that in a few moments turns from a seat into a comfortable bed.

It is the overrun as a stop installed in the extension system that ensures the immobilization of the roller, which in turn affects the overall stability of the furniture when unfolded. The elements available in our offer fit well with modern designs of beds and folding frames, but also have adequate protection where they meet the floor. Thanks to the rubber-coated layer, they do not scratch the panels or parquet, softly and with adequate cushioning connect the furniture box with the floor surface. This is an invaluable convenience when unfolding the bed, but also when you move it for cleaning.

Nays in the offer of the Kameleon store

In the Kameleon store you will find solidly made invasions with different technical parameters. These include tall, shallow, rubberized or classic versions, which will work well for a variety of projects. Reach for them when you're making a piece of furniture or renovating a worn-out leisure set. The presented elements were made of metal. This is a material that provides high durability and does not lose its technical properties or visual qualities after a long time. It is resistant to corrosion and easy to keep clean.

Robust components for the manufacture of furniture

Enjoy convenient and express shopping at the Chameleon store. Our offer is aimed at people engaged in furniture production, restoration or renovation. Recipients of the products are both DIY fans and professional upholsterers.

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