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CRUSH VELVET fabric 36
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Due to the Christmas break, lead times for printed fabrics for rollers, long-form coupons, and individual orders CHANGE! Orders placed by December 9 have a guaranteed delivery time before Christmas. Short-length prints will be realized within the availability of goods.

Curtains are a very important element in interior design. People who are preparing to sew them are looking for fabrics that have a beautiful appearance and high quality. White curtain fabrics, which we offer in the online store Kameleon Pro, perfectly fit into these requirements. The color white in interior design will wonderfully emphasize elegance and class. Our white curtain fabric is distinguished not only by its elegance, but also by its functionality. It presents itself perfectly both at home and in facilities such as hotels and guesthouses. Check out what we have prepared for you!

White curtain fabric - choose unparalleled elegance

White fabric for curtains is exceptionally elegant. In addition, curtains in this color will bring freshness and a sense of privacy to the interior. Interior designers and people who are involved in sewing curtains are well aware of the possibilities of white fabrics. Modern style, Scandinavian style, or perhaps classic style - in these arrangements white curtain fabrics are an ideal choice.

Chameleon Pro is an online store offering, among other things, white fabrics for curtains. Their distinctive feature is high quality workmanship combined with an elegant appearance. Waterproof fabrics are available, whose ease of cleaning is a great asset. You can find chenille, velour, plush, velvet and knitted fabrics.

White curtain fabric to size - express your style

The window setting plays not only a practical role, but also a decorative one. The fabric for the curtains must harmonize with the interior design. Depending on the decor, it can be plain or with patterns, in a variety of colors. No matter what style dominates the interior, one thing is certain - fabric for curtains is a very important choice. We know this very well, which is why we offer high-quality curtain fabrics. One of the proposals that you can not pass by indifferently are white metro curtain fabrics. In addition to their exceptional practical qualities, they look exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. The ability to buy by the meter is a great convenience for those who are professionals in sewing curtains. In addition, in a situation when you are not sure whether a particular fabric meets your expectations, you can purchase a sample. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer! You will also find white upholstery fabrics in the offer.

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