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Doing sewing work requires not only precision workmanship and skill, but also the right materials and tools. Every aspect counts, including fabrics, types of thread or buttons, but also what the pieces will be sewn together with. When it comes to buttons, the most important thing is not only the machine, i.e. the button machine, but also how you choose the right variant for the furniture model.

Hand button machines and button pressers

Modern upholstery button machines and pressers are tools that no upholstery shop could do without. Accessories of this kind are also used by tailor shops. As you can easily guess, button machines are used for sewing buttons into fabrics. In our store you will find reliable and easy-to-use button machines with different parameters and functions. The offered sets include a presser, a crimper and a cutter. With these accessories you will be able to make your own coated buttons. All button machines are characterized by high ergonomics of use and safety.

Crystal nap buttons

Among other things, our assortment includes nap type crystal buttons, which can be quickly installed. We also offer clad press buttons (two- or three-element). The two-element variant is easier to drape, and consequently, the draping process itself takes much less time. It should be mentioned that the offered accessories are characterized by high gloss and can be used, for example, to finish quilted headrests, walls, as well as furniture. It is worth mentioning that in our offer you can find a wide range of crystal buttons. This allows everyone to choose an assortment tailored to their needs.

We choose beauty and functionality

Our entire assortment is based on high-quality products, because we know that our customers need only good things in their homes and workplaces. Constant inspections confirm that the appliances and items you will find in this category are of excellent quality. Thanks to the fact that we inspect, for example, a hand button machine, we are aware of what we recommend and what you will receive after your purchase. We are not worried about your reaction. We encourage you to choose the right button makers and the right buttons for upholstery and more. You will find that good products will make your furniture start to look completely different.

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