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CRUSH VELVET 53 fabric
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CRUSH VELVET 54 fabric
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If you are just looking for a fabric to upholster your refurbished furniture, pay attention to purple velour upholstery. The choice of the fabric with which you will upholster a refurbished piece of furniture is of great importance - it is the exterior fabric that has the most contact with the elements that can damage the furniture, so it is important that it is durable. Its appearance is also of considerable importance, as the overall perception of the furniture will depend on the fabric. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the material of upholstery velour, especially purple upholstery velour. In our offer you will find a wide selection of fabrics in this color. You are welcome!

What features does purple upholstery velour have and why is it worth investing in it?

Velour, a fabric known since the 12th century, is unequivocally associated with high quality and luxury. There is nothing surprising in this - for it is a chic material and used for upholstering historical or antique styled furniture, though of course not only. However, it is the association with luxury that has made it an upholstery material that continues to break records in popularity for many years. This pleasant-to-the-touch fabric is extremely versatile and practical, and furniture upholstered with upholstery velour in purple will work well in interiors decorated in almost any style. In addition, upholstery vel our is easy to clean and resistant to abrasion.

Purple velour upholstery - why should you choose purple?

The purplecolor of vel our and other fabrics is created by combining blue and red, and although these days it is very easy to achieve such a color mix, it was not at all easy in previous centuries. This made purple associated with a royal or imperial color. Thus, due to the royal origin of the color purple, it is attributed with associations such as power, luxury, wealth or nobility. In addition, the color purple fabric is also associated with creativity, as it stimulates the problem-solving and imagination part of the brain. So by combining velour fabric, which is a luxurious material in itself, with purple color, you will create a combination that is timeless, and extremely elegant. Also check out purple upholstery fabrics.

You can buy upholstery velour in purple color by meters in the Chameleon Pro store

In our store you can stock up on excellent quality, purple velour upholstery fabrics, which you can buy by meters. Undoubtedly, what distinguishes our assortment is its high quality, which you can convince yourself of by ordering fabric samples. In addition, you can buy our fabrics by size - because in your order you clearly specify what quantity of, for example, purple velour up holstery you need for your furniture. This way you don't buy excess fabric that you won't use and additionally save money, which you can spend on other upholstery fabrics from our store. Shopping with us pays off!

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