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When making upholstered furniture, it is worth taking care not only of its durability, but also aesthetics. For this purpose, a lot of useful accessories are used, which are practical, and at the same time allow you to give the items an elegant finish. One of the solutions you will find in our offer are decorative pins.

We offer a wide selection of decorative upholstery pins, which are also known as upholstery nails. On this page you will find single pins, which are made of the highest quality metals such as titanium, chrome or brass. As a result, they look great for a long time and are an irreplaceable decoration of various types of lounge furniture.

Application of upholstery pins

Decorative upholstery pins are widely used in furniture production. Most often they are used to join individual elements of the structure or fabric. They are used to connect upholstery material to solid wood or to attach upholstery. Thanks to their decorative head, they not only fulfill a practical role, but are also decorative for many types of furniture.

These pins are also often used to create fancy designs on furniture, making them even more unique. They can be chosen both in the production of new furniture and in the case of renovation of upholstery. With their help, it is possible to completely change the appearance of a couch or sofa, and to salvage an armchair that is past its glory years.

Large selection of designs and sizes of decorative pins

In the assortment of our store you will find a large selection of decorative upholstery pins with a variety of pin lengths. This makes it easy to choose the ones that will be useful for your work on furniture. Importantly, the decorative pins we offer have heads in different shapes and sizes.

Among them you will find both minimalist pins and richly decorated ones. There is no shortage of pins with a traditional round shape, as well as slightly more modern, unusual solutions. So, no matter what kind of furniture you are creating or restoring, you can choose those that perfectly match its style and perfectly complement the lump and color of the upholstery.

Cheap upholstery pins

All upholstery pins that we offer are available at attractive, affordable prices, so you can save a lot. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of decorative upholstery pins, which you will find in the offer of our store. These are the highest quality products, made of proven materials. So they are sure to prove themselves during the production of upholstery furniture, giving them a charming and striking appearance.

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