Loading belts and straps, towing belts

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We offer our customers the highest quality cargo belts, which guarantee the safe transportation of items of various sizes and weights. Our products are made of high-quality material, which is characterized by extremely high resistance to abrasion, UV rays and moisture. Thanks to strong metal hooks equipped with locks, the transported cargo is adequately protected. Belts have different lengths and widths, so you can easily find the most suitable model with us. In addition, we have flexible lines, which are made of single latex rubber bands.

Cargo straps

Our wide assortment also includes cargo tapes. They are made of high-quality materials, so they are characterized by high durability, strength and resistance to adverse weather conditions. We have tapes of various widths, which are perfect for transporting various sized objects, such as windows, metal and wooden structures, pallets or industrial and construction machinery. In order to use them, two attachment points are required, to which hooks are attached.

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