Occupational health and safety

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In this category you will find the highest quality health and safety items. Our wide assortment includes professional safety equipment that will make any work much safer. We have products from well-known and respected Polish manufacturers. We offer specialized safety glasses, dust masks, as well as industrial safety helmets.

Online safety store

Our online H&S store offers a wide selection of protective work clothing. We have various sizes of pants, flannel shirts, T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts or painter's pants with suspenders. In addition, our H&S wholesaler is stocked with professional safety footwear. To meet the expectations of our customers, we can offer them leather half-shoes, boots, sandals, felt wellingtons, the construction and material of which are prepared for strenuous working conditions. In addition, we offer protective work gloves, which are made of both cotton, nylon and polyester. They are great for any repair and construction work. In addition, we have protective headphones and stopwatches.

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