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Due to the Christmas break, lead times for printed fabrics for rollers, long-form coupons, and custom orders CHANGE! Orders placed by December 9 have a guaranteed delivery time before Christmas. Short-length prints will be realized within the availability of goods.

Thepeplum fabric is generating interest in many industries. This distinctive check has enjoyed incredible popularity around the world thanks to the famous designer Coco Chanel. Over the years, the black and white pattern has been broken with color, making it universal. The peplite material is used to create not only clothing, but also interior design, as it is used in the upholstery industry. It is a timeless pattern that will certainly never go out of fashion.

High-quality peplite fabric

Thepeplite fabric offered by the Kameleon Pro store is a high-quality, durable and pleasant to the touch product. The peplite fabric for meters is resistant to damage in the form of tearing or puncturing. The advantage of this material is that it is extremely easy to clean, in addition to its versatility, as it is very popular in furniture production. This pattern comes in many colors and sizes. Depending on your needs, there is both large pepito fabric, which is suitable for sewing fashionable curtains, and a version with a smaller pattern, perfect for creating pillowcases or furniture covers.

Pepito on fabric - ideal for retro-style interiors

Pepito on fabric looks great in interiors that are kept in retro and vintage style. This type of fabric can be used to decorate sofas, armchairs, chairs, as well as poufs. It is an excellent upholstery material. Its timeless pattern suits not only retro and vintage interiors, but also modern-style arrangements. Pepito on the fabric is versatile, so it can be used to make unique accessories for the living room or bedroom, including pillowcases or bedspreads. Pepito is a pattern that allows you to create an interesting arrangement. It is worth noting that, depending on the size of the pattern, it allows you to optically enlarge or reduce the space.

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