Furniture accessories

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We provide our company's customers with high-quality products in our upholstery store. We believe that with our offer we will be able to meet the expectations of our customers. In our company, we focus first and foremost on the high quality of the products we offer and a wide selection of goods. Thanks to this we are sure that even the most demanding customers who visit us will find exactly what they need. Among our assortment you will find all kinds of technical articles such as: automatic jacks, furniture rollers, hinges, carpentry connectors. In addition, our assortment also includes work clothes, work shoes and protective gloves, but also a large selection of smaller accessories ranging from pins through scissors and knives to drills and chisels. In addition to all this, our store also offers a wide selection of upholstery thread, needles and other haberdashery instruments. A wide selection of different types of utensils available in our store will provide you with the opportunity to choose such equipment that will one hundred percent meet your expectations and requirements. Our assortment includes products from reputable brands, which are characterized by very good quality at an affordable price. The accessories that are in our offer are the best choice in their category.

Accessories for the home

In addition to strictly upholstery accessories, which will probably only be useful to professionals, we also offer products for the home. Among other things, our offer includes: screws, toolboxes or even staples, tailor's centimeters. The versatility of the goods offered in our store, which includes both specialized utensils for upholsterers, but also things that will be used in everyday life at home, makes our store's offer tailored to the most diverse customers. As in the case of upholstery supplies, those for home use are also characterized by high quality workmanship so that they will perfectly fulfill their tasks. Anyone who likes to engage in DIY in their spare time will find everything they need to pursue their interest with us.

Home accessories store

In our offer you will also find home accessories store our offer includes: scissors, keys, hand tools, pencils or markers. Thanks to our offer, you will find a lot of useful things that can be used in any home. Such products can be needed in many everyday situations, for example, if you need to mark something with an indelible marker or even when you need to make some simple repair at home. Home tools and accessories offered by are products of the highest quality and are characterized by high ergonomics. Having such basic tools as a set of wrenches or a hammer seems obvious because they may always be needed in situations that may occur at home. So it is known that it is better to be equipped with tools thanks to which we will be able to cope with basic repairs at home.

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