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Our store offers a wide selection of various products that are sure to work well in any sewing, handicraft or upholstery work. To meet the demanding needs of our customers, we offer a variety of tapes, cords, as well as threads and upholstery belts. We also have the highest quality zippers, zipper tapes, elastic bands and durable and versatile Velcro. All our products come from proven and reputable manufacturers and all this is done so that our customers can realize their ideas and visions with the help of professional accessories.

Wide selection of haberdashery accessories

Our products are used both by professionals professionally engaged in tailoring work, as well as by enthusiasts making furniture and clothing finishing elements at home. Online upholstery haberdashery is the place where you can buy any stitching and handicraft products, as well as dedicated tools and professional accessories. In our offer you will find, among other things: zipper and haberdashery tapes, trimmings and ribbons, sewing and quilting needles and threads, sharpeners, scissors and punches, tailor's chalk and soap, glues and solvents, wheels and rollers for furniture and decorative nails.

Each of the products available in our assortment is characterized by the highest quality, precise workmanship. They will prove useful in a professional tailor's shop and upholsterer's workshop. With them you will realize the most sophisticated and complex orders. We also always offer expert support in selecting the right equipment, as well as attractive prices and favorable discounts for regular customers.

Haberdashery online store

All the products we offer can be found in the haberdashery online store. In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, we also have sewing meters and chalks, chalks, as well as high-quality knives, scissors, needles and upholstery pins. You can get acquainted with their detailed technical description on our e-store. After making a selection and placing an order, we make every effort to ensure that the selected products reach our customer as soon as possible.

We offer products that are durable and resistant to water and mechanical damage and stretching. As a professional upholstery haberdashery, we have a wide selection of products for the shoemaking and tailoring industry and professional upholsterers. We also help with comprehensive workshop equipment. We work with the best suppliers who provide a guarantee on their goods. Our products are perfected in every detail, and it is the details that determine the quality of furniture.

Professional accessories and haberdashery for upholsterers

Our professional accessories are used by recognized specialists in the furniture industry. They make it possible to achieve not only great quality and timeless durability of products, but also unique design. That's why the largest Polish manufacturers of furniture and clothing cooperate with us, as well as all kinds of furniture bedspreads, chair covers or decorative cushions for sofas.

Among our wide assortment, you can also find items that will successfully serve when conducting manual activities with children. Creative workshops for the little ones will enter a higher level of quality thanks to us. If you are looking for professional upholstery haberdashery and reliable products at attractively low prices - do not hesitate to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee professional support and advice in purchasing and equipping the workshop.

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