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Sometimes, in order to change the character of the interior and refresh it a bit, it is enough to change the upholstery of a sofa or armchair. For this purpose, not only manual skills, but also the right tools and upholstery fabrics will certainly come in handy - the latter you will find in the offer of Kameleon Pro online store. In our assortment we have fabrics in many different patterns and colors - we offer, among others, striped upholstery fabrics, which are particularly popular among customers of our store.

Delicate stripes or stripes? With us you will find both!

Some patterns or motifs will never go out of fashion - these include stripes and stripes, which perfectly suit classic style interiors, but not only. In our store you will find upholstery fabrics in strip es and fabrics in fine stripes, which are excellent for room furniture.

One of the strengths of our offer is the rich color scheme based on both subdued colors such as browns and beiges, as well as bolder colors. One thing is certain - everyone will find something for themselves!

Get to know striped upholstery fabrics with special properties

Stripedsubway upholstery fabrics that you see on our site are high-quality fabrics, among which you will find those with special properties. Among other things, our assortment includes flame-retardant, pet-friendly fabrics, as well as products with antibacterial and antifungal properties. However, that's not all!

The striped fabrics we offer for up holstery are durable, resistant to abrasion and fading, and easy to clean. Many of them are washable - but pay attention to the right water temperature. Only in this way will you ensure the fabrics' durability and aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Striped upholstery fabrics - ideal for the apartment and outdoors

Stripedupholstery fabric - where will it work best? Choosing a fabric with classic prints, you have a lot of room for improvement - both those with thick stripes and subtle stripes will work perfectly as an upholstery for sofas, chairs, armchairs or bed headrests.

Choosing a waterproof fabric, you can successfully use it as upholstery for patio or garden furniture. Even if you leave the furniture outside for a long time, you can rest assured - the fabric will not fade or lose its aesthetic qualities.

Types of fabrics - in stripes and other patterns

Upholstery fabricin stripes is just one of the many proposals available in the Kameleon Pro store. The full assortment includes fabrics in a variety of patterns - from geometric prints, through floral and plant prints, to animal and abstract patterns.

Also quite popular are upholstery fabrics in solid colors. Here, too, you can choose from many variants, including delicate pastels, elegant navy blue and bottle green, or shades of pink and purple.

Professional assistance at every stage of the order process

We offer our customers a wide selection of fabrics and other products necessary during furniture restoration. To meet the most exorbitant expectations of our customers, we also offer fabric samples, which can be ordered through our website.

We are also happy to provide advice and assistance - both during the selection of fabric and at every stage of the order. We also strongly encourage you to contact us if you have additional questions - you can do so by calling the hotline number listed on the site.


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