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Various types of haberdashery articles are used in tailoring shops and small alterations made at home. They are also useful in handicrafts, which include a whole range of creative solutions. In this category you will find all sewing accessories that did not fit into the listed groups of haberdashery products. These are versatile and practical materials that are useful not only in the upholstery industry.

Upholstery for everyone

Our store has an extremely wide assortment that allows you to purchase professional upholstery equipment and accessories - from power tools and air tools, to upholstery fabrics and the finest haberdashery items. You can buy the right items there individually or in bulk. You can easily find them on our site, using a convenient tabbed division or a search engine. We make sure that each item is described in detail and pictured. With access to an online store, upholstery shopping becomes convenient and fast. We take an individual approach to each customer. The constant expansion of our offer means that even if your requirements are very high, you will find something for yourself.

Beautiful finishing of furniture

Haberdashery articles are elements that are responsible for the perfect and decorative finish of the furniture made. Details are very important - some of them are the quintessential style of the product. Buttons, ribbons, small decorative elements allow to bring out its beauty. Upholstery straps, Velcro and zipper tapes are ways to increase the functionality of furniture. Other, only seemingly less important sewing accessories are used to detail the measurements, effectively trim the material, support the elements and sew small details - tailor's tape measures, needles, scissors, etc. In our store you will find quality items to complete your creative kit.

Accessories not only for upholsterers

Wholesale upholstery Kameleon.pro is open to everyone - you don't have to be an upholsterer or owner of a widely successful company. You can purchase haberdashery items in retail quantities that will allow you to make home repairs to your clothing, suitcase or bag. With us, you can also make hobbyist alterations to make items more attractive. Home fashion design or furniture restoration is a great idea for creative satisfaction. Take advantage of expert tools and make the process more enjoyable.

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