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The processing and cutting of thick materials used in upholstery, such as fleece, sponge and other plastics can not take place without the tools used. The scissors and knives offered in our store are the highest quality products, made of solid materials, using a precise technological process. The use of carbon steel, stainless steel or other highly durable metal raw materials guarantees many years of trouble-free use. There is a reason why our products are chosen by thousands of customers in the sewing and upholstery industry. The quality and durability speak for themselves.

Scissors and knives for upholsterers

Our upholstery scissors and knives are highly ergonomic. You no longer have to worry about covering your cutting line with your hand because your scissors are unergonomic. The large hardness coefficient and the ability to be easily cleaned in the dishwasher make our products confidently used in many studios and hobbyists' homes. Take a look at our wide range of upholstery accessories.

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