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Ze względu na przerwę świąteczną czas realizacji tkanin drukowanych na wałki, kupony długometrażowe, oraz zamówienia indywidualnie ULEGA ZMIANIE! Zamówienia złożone do 9 grudnia mają gwarantowany czas dostawy przed Świętami. Druki  krótkometrażowe realizowane będą w ramach dostępności towaru. 

When choosing the right fabric to upholster your new or refurbished furniture, you are probably looking for a material that is both durable and good-looking. In this case, pay attention to navy blue velour upholstery from Metro. The fabric, which will go on top of the furniture, must be durable. It must also look good, since it is the one that is visible at first glance. So it is certainly worth taking an interest in a fabric such as upholstery velour, especially velour navy blue upholstery fabric. Check out our rich offer!

What features does navy blue upholstery velour have and why is it worth buying?

Velourmaterial is primarily associated with luxury, and there is nothing surprising in this - used since the 12th century, the fabric was used to upholster furniture mainly found in the homes of the aristocracy. Even now velour, including navy blue upholstery velour, is used to upholster historically styled furniture or restored antiques. But not only - velour, as a fabric unambiguously associated with high quality, is also breaking records in popularity as upholstery for completely contemporary furniture. This pleasant-to-the-touch fabric, in addition to its attractive appearance, offers its buyers ease of care and durability during everyday use. In addition, furniture upholstered with navy blue upholstery velour will fit into almost any interior, including modern ones. It is also worth mentioning its functional properties. After all, upholstery velour is easy to clean and durable. It is distinguished by high resistance to abrasion, which makes it ideal as upholstery for frequently used armchairs. Also check out all navy blue upholstery fabrics.

Navy blue velour upholstery - why choose this color?

Navyblue fabric color is counted among the most universal colors, evoking clear associations with wisdom, seriousness and respect. Associated primarily with timeless elegance, in interiors it works well both in offices and living rooms, adding gravity and steadiness. It is a color that blends perfectly with a luxurious material such as navy blue velour upholstery. Such a combination - the right fabric in a matching color will perfectly emphasize the character of the interior.

Upholstery velour in navy blue color for meters in the store Kameleon Pro

In our Kameleon Pro store you can quickly and efficiently supply great quality upholstery velour in navy blue color, which you can buy by meters, thus saving money. Just specify in your order what quantity of, for example, navy blue velour upholstery you need, and we will deliver the material to you as quickly as possible! In addition, it is also worth mentioning that what definitely distinguishes our assortment is its high quality, which you will definitely be satisfied with. Be sure to check it out!

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