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Upholsteryfabrics are an essential part of upholstery work, as they are used to finish the backs of sofas, armchairs or to pad the bottoms of furniture such as chairs. For this reason, these materials should be characterized by high resistance to various types of abrasions and other mechanical damage. Each upholstery fabric available in the offer of our online store represents, first of all, the highest quality. We obtained it thanks to the strong and durable weave of the fabric. It is extremely important due to the high level of use of upholstered furniture. Everyone uses them on a daily basis. In addition, in homes that are inhabited by young children, the safety and durability of usable items are of paramount importance for adult household members. With our professional fabrics and your reliable and accurate work, you will gain the trust of even the most demanding customers. The wide range of fabrics that we would like to present to you, combined with eye-catching colors, gives you a fully universal solution.

Fabric samples - a professional solution for your business

If you run your own upholstery business, making furniture to the individual orders of your customers, you know very well that flexibility in action and following the style of customers is the basis for achieving their final satisfaction. That is why we have created an offer for people like you. You can get samples of any fabric in our online store. Having them in your possession when meeting with your potential customer will make you stand out with professionalism. This is because your new customer will have the opportunity to make a real comparison of colors, get acquainted with the texture of specific fabrics, compare weaves, etc.

Upholstery fabrics by meters - you buy as much as you need

Our brand cares not only about the highest quality of the assortment, but also about 100% customer satisfaction. Guided by this idea, you will buy any type of materials from us, including upholstery fabrics by meters. Such a solution will allow you to avoid unnecessary surplus product, which will significantly reduce your expenses and at the same time take care of the ecological functioning of the studio you run. The upholstery materials and other fabrics available in the offer of our online store are cut every 10 cm. This solution makes our online store absolutely unique. Get acquainted with our offer today!

Upholstery material as a stylish furniture accent

Very often the upholstery material is treated as a finishing element that should be invisible at first glance. However, an accent made of this material can become the icing on the cake for the final effect of your upholstery work. Therefore, it is worth paying a little more attention to it during the design process. The color scheme is of utmost importance here. Classics or a touch of madness? With us you will find both.


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